Good Life Quotes


Why I use Good Inspirational Quotes

Hey fellow tumblrs, welcome to my tumblr blog. I always get asked, Ken, what are some good inspirational quotes I can use? Each time I give them my collection of inspirational quotes I have gathered over the years. A pretty big collection if I must say so myself. :)

Before I continue, just who I am? My name is Ken, yeah, just Ken, and I absolutely love to explorer and travel the world. I have been to many different places and have seen a lot of cool places.

These are the kind of experiences you will never forget. Since my travels and explorations, I have acquired a lot of knowledge and a new perspective on life. Seeing and experiencing new things is very exciting and eye opening.

Now as far as inspirational quotes are concerned, I have collected these from mentors of mine, as well as people I look up too and admire. People like Tony Robbins, Michael Beck, Bob Proctor, Ghandi and many, many whom you will see me quote.

A list of some good life quotes and inspirational quotes you can use:

“I will believe what others have doubted.” - unknown

“I will conquer what has not been conquered.” - unknown

“Fight the good fight and keep the faith.” - Bible

“Never go by what you see, but what you feel.” – unknown

“It’s always in trying times when we discover ourselves.” – unknown

“Never, ever give up.” – unknown

“There is nothing you cannot do, be or have. You are a magnificent creator.” – Esther Hicks

“No one will deny me, no one will defy me. And no one can and can’t tell me what I can be. Belief will change my world, it has moved continents, put man on the mood and it will carry me through this battle.” – Football Coach

Thanks it for now guys, any feedback or comments feel free to share! If you need more good inspirational quotes, by all means, let me know. :)